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ife has never been easy in the Midlands. In this frontier kingdom positioned between the Great Wood and its aloof fae inhabitants, the impassable Azure Mountains, and a tryanical neighboring kingdom of men, the hearty Midlanders eke out a hard life. Distressingly, the white-robed diviners and priests of Artho portend worsening times ahead, an Age of Burning Darkness!

Evidence of growing threats emerge. Evil, ghost-like elven warriors have been sighted in the foothills and trappings of forbidden necromantic rituals taint local graveyards. The light of day ebbs away, leaving the land painted with an ominous purple twilight.

Despite the deepening shadows or maybe because of them, an unlikely fellowship of heroes forms. This band of men, dverg, and fae explore the realm for adventure, fortune, and possibly even prevention of its destruction. This is their story.

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GM’s Muse: On Abilities (posted 6/14/11) on Forum tab

Thaumaturge prestige class update (posted 6/14/11) includes some new house rules I’m working on!

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