Durdan (Deceased)

A warrior investigator aligned with the High Elementalists



Male half-elf monk 3 / inquisitor 3

LN Medium humanoid

Age: 24

Height: 5’11", Weight: 145

Hair: Black, Eyes: Grey

Init 7

Senses: Low-light vision; Perception +18


AC: 21, touch 21, flat-footed 17 (3 Dex, 1 dodge, +4 monk wis bonus, +2 monk AC bonus, +1 ring of protection)

CMD: 25 (27 vs grapple)

HP: 42 (6d8 +6)

Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +10; (4 vs. enchantment)

Immune to sleep


Speed: 50 ft.

BAB: 4

CMB: +5 (7 grapple)

Melee: Unarmed strike 7 (1d101/x2); 1 Gauntlets +8 (1d102/x2).

Special Abilities: Spells, Agile feet (7/day), Judgement (1/day), Teamwork feat (change 1/day).

Special Attacks: Flurry 6/6 (1d10+1/x2, 1d10+1/x2), 1 Gauntlet flurry +7/7 (1d10+2/x2, 1d10+2/x2), stunning fist (4/day, dc 18)


Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 11

Feats: Catch off guard, deflect arrows, dodge, improved grapple, improved unarmed strike, skill focus – perception, weapon finesse

Traits: Finding Haleen (monk), wisdom in the flesh (climb)

Skills: Acrobatics 17, Climb +13, Diplomacy +7, Heal +8, Linguistics +8, Perception +18, Sense Motive +9, Stealth +17, Survival +8

Languages: Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Goblin, Infernal, Orc, Undercommon.

SQ: Detect alignment (at will), Track +1, Evasion, Monster lore +4, Solo tactics

Gear: Handy haversack, bedroll, blanket, boots of elvenkind, cloak of elvenkind, candle x4, scroll case, chalk x4, cold weather outfit, dagger, dyso’s travel canopy, explorer’s outfit, fishhook, flint and steel, grappling hook, hand of the mage, monk’s robe, wooden holy symbol, ink, inkpen, small steel mirror, monk’s outfit, mushroom vest, paper x5, quarterstaff, ring of sustenance, 100’ silk rope, reinforced scarf, signet ring, soap, tindertwig x5, waterskin, whetstone, wand of cure moderate wounds (2d85, 13 charges), ring of protection +1.

SP: 93

Total SP value of all gear: 27,474.4


Durdan (AS – “Dark Taker”), son of Durion (AS – “Child
of the Dark”), cuts a striking image. Of average height
and sleight of build, he nevertheless exudes an aura of
assuredness and sense of self that makes him seem
larger. Being of half-elven heritage, Durdan has the
laughing eyes and quick tongue of his father’s people, as
well as their love for language and song. From his
mother’s human nature, he acquired a brooding stare and
quiet thoughtfulness not found in most fey. It’s little
surprise that with his noble features, dark hair, and
piercing eyes that Durdan has the air of an older worldly
traveller and competent adventurer.

Durdan’s past begins with his mother, Firiel (AS – “Mortal
Maiden”), who was slain by nether elves during a surface
raid while he was but a small child. His father, swearing
vengeance upon the foul pale elves, called upon his right
as a Lightbringer (elven Inquisitor) and led a hunting party
in pursuit. They have not been seen since. Durdan,
being too young to go on such a dangerous venture, was
left in the care of the Lightbringer Monestary where he
was to be educated and trained to be a living weapon
against the dark forces of the world.

While in the care of the monestary, Durdan’s life seemed
to be a never-ending list of chores and duties, and he was given
piles of books and scrolls to read. Durdan had an
incredible interest in other peoples, even at a very young
age, and had an exceptional ability with languages. He
began to learn of the world; different peoples, religions,
languages, and customs. His mind was as a sponge,
soaking up volumes of knowledge.

Surprising to his teachers, Durdan showed a remarkable
amount of wisdom for one so young, and it was agreed
that he was now ready to begin his training as a
Lightbringer. Ancient leatherbound volumes and yellowed
scrolls of incredible age were brought forth and given to
Durdan to study. He learned of all the sinister and foul
creatures of the world; what they were, where they
skulked in their dark places, what foul magicks they could
wield, and what their weaknesses were.
As hard as his mind was being tasked, his body also
underwent gruelling training. He learned how to push his
body to its limits and how to turn himself into a living
weapon, it’s sole purpose – to bring light into the heart of
darkness, wherever it intrudes upon the surface.

All too soon, though, Durdan felt the strings of fate pulling him
away from the monestary. Gathering the few family
possessions and coins left for him by his father, he set
out to follow his own path – one that he hoped would also
lead him to discover the whereabouts of his long-lost
His travels led him over much of the land, following
rumors of evil creatures and battling them where he
could. This is how he has wound up at his current
location – the town of Four Towers. Four Towers, so he
has heard, was a center of power in the region. A place
where news and rumors abound. Here he hopes to find
any word regarding the increased activity and numbers of
evil creatures plaguing the area.

Durdan (Deceased)

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